We Are Always Here If You Need Prenatal Care Singapore

Before you become pregnant as well as throughout your pregnancy, you will need exceptional care. This is to protect you and your baby as it prepares to join your family. It also ensures that your baby and you are progressing in the healthiest way possible. Luckily, we are always here if you need prenatal care Singapore before, during, or after your little one is born.
Before Pregnancy
If you are planning to become pregnant, you can do things pre-conception that will increase the chance of a successful outcome for you and your baby. It gives you time to ensure your health is good and change any habits that may negatively affect you or your baby. During this time, you and your partner can reap the rewards of counseling, screenings, and increased knowledge.
During Pregnancy
The first trimester is one of the most important parts of fetal development. Everything is happening quickly for your baby. It is also a time of challenges for most mommies because of the many changes that they are going through. Testing can be done during this time to monitor your baby for risk factors, and you can be tested for pre-eclampsia or other unforeseen health issues.
The second trimester is easier, but still should be monitored closely by your doctor. You will still need ultrasounds to ensure that your baby is growing appropriately.
Babies nearing birth in the third trimester still need to be monitored closely for issues. It is also a time when gestational diabetes or pre-eclampsia may develop. You should visit your doctor often to make sure that everything is going smoothly for you both.
Labor and Delivery
Just because your body is ready for delivery, it doesn’t mean that you will not need help to get through this final part. Some women do develop issues as labor begins that may require a cesarean. This should not be something you anticipate since most pregnancies go smoothly once labor is reached, but there is always the risk. It could also be that your baby is trying to come too early, and you need to postpone it if possible.

Even after delivery, you and your baby will still need to be monitored at around 6-8 weeks. You will be checked for wound care and postpartum depression. You will be able to discuss breastfeeding issues you are experiencing and methods of birth control that you plan to use.
It is all a part of the services that we provide for prenatal care Singapore, you only have to call for an appointment.

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